From ancient times the Greeks, a nation of traders and settlers, have disseminated throughout the world their unique anthropocentric values and ideas, which have profoundly influenced modern-day civilization.

The ancient athletic ideal, that was awakened through the revival of modern Olympic Games, can now serve as an effective tool for the strengthening of the cultural identity and of the bonds between Greeks worldwide.

Our vision is to deliver a uniquely memorable and exciting celebration of sport and culture. The event will create an atmosphere that inspires achievement, heritage, and a sense of unity consistent with the games concept. We will capture the imagination of Greeks internationally, delivering spectacular games in a unique, historic city, presenting an attractive theatre for the Pan-Hellenic Games.

After the staging of the 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games and having carried out major international sport events, Athens possesses the infrastructure and knowhow to organize and host the Pan-Hellenic Games that will unite and bring back home all Greeks. The activation of the Panathenaic Stadium will make the games’ celebration accessible to a record number of spectators. Athens majestic visual background will create a defining experience for athletes and captivating images for a global Hellenic audience.

The Games will provide the opportunity to generate sustainable benefits for Greece as a nation:

  • Deliver a enjoyable, friendly and secure world class sporting event that will unite all Greeks.
  • Showcase the attributes, development and history of Greece to an international audience.
  • Develop and build the Pan-Hellenic Games brand throughout the world as pre-eminent, world-class sporting event.
  • Leave a memorable and meaningful legacy for all participants, athletes, scientists, educators, visitors.
  • Leave a social legacy through newly skilled volunteers.
  • Create new social and community networks.
  • Make a positive impact on the crisis-stricken Greek society.
  • Inspire the Greek nation and unite its forces.