Legacy for sport

The regular conducting of the Games every four years will have an increasingly positive impact on the heritage that the games leave behind them each time they come to a close. Values and ideals are far more effective than governmental programs and funding. The organizers of the Pan-Hellenic Games aim to resurrect the classic sporting ideals and values: ethics, respect, integrity, team spirit. We believe that the continuing conduct of the Games will help these values to spill over gradually into the society, and will inspire and instill these ideals in the Greeks of the Diaspora and positively influence the sporting conduct of the Greeks.

Moreover, the ongoing perpetuation of the games in one city and one country will result in a gradual cultural shift towards an increasing citizen participation in sports and a more active presence even in a non-competitive level. A powerful cultural model will be created that will help people to exercise more and will inspire a healthy life style. Simultaneously, the impact of the games in countries of the Diaspora will be similar. Diaspora Greeks will be given an additional positive model of healthy living and physical fitness.