Principal Motivation

The Pan-Hellenic Games, an international meeting ground for athletes of Greek origin, is a non-governmental organization that strives to mobilize and inspire people, including the private sector in the country. The Pan-Hellenic Games will give incentives to individuals and companies to become more creative and to participate in the realization of a global event that will boost the economy of Greece and multiply the opportunities available to its citizens.

The Pan-Hellenic Games is an event that will inspire active participation of the healthy, non-sedentary forces of the Greek society.

It is known that major sporting events do not ensure long-term social benefits for the country where they are conducted. The glamour, excitement and participatory spirit experienced during the 2004 Olympic Games has become only a distant memory of former glory. The Pan-Hellenic Games, however, will gradually grow in participation and impact and will continue to be organized every four years, so that the benefits for the Greek society and for the Greeks of the Diaspora will be increased and ongoing.

The regular conducting of the Games in the same city every four years will help to mobilize the forces of Greeks in Greece and abroad to invest imagination, creativity and capital in this celebration of Hellenism.