Our Goal

Our goal is to create a globally recognized, iconic event that will activate and engage all members of the Hellenic Nation.

  • Attract athletes and teams from all the Greek Diaspora around the world;
  • Promote and celebrate Hellenism in an inspiring atmosphere and create stronger ties between Greeks;
  • Enhance national pride for all Greeks worldwide;
  • Build and maintain the relations between emigrant Greeks;
  • Empower ties between the Greek Diaspora with Greece;
  • Disseminate the anthropocentric values of the Greek spirit;
  • Promote sport-related moral values, such as honesty, loyalty, fair-play, endurance, generosity.
  • Ensure a better quality of life for the districts of Athens;

We want to build a positive global image of Greece built around themes that are true to our capital city, that will unlock desire and interest and will bring together all members of the Hellenic Nation.