The idea is the creation of a worldwide organization committed to furthering the bonds between people of Hellenic heritage through sport, cultural, social and educational activities.

The objectives of the organization of the Pan-Hellenic Games is to maintain and reinforce the bonds and the communication of the overseas Greek communities with Greece through athletics as a means of communication and culture;

To maintain the national and cultural identity of Greeks of the Diaspora;

To maintain Greeks living abroad in contact with Greece, offering them an opportunity of an enriching visit to Greece along with the enjoyment deriving from their involvement in athletic activities;

To provide to athletes of the Greek overseas communities the opportunity to compete on the very land of their forefathers in an athletic organization of high standards and worldwide projection;

To give the opportunity to emigrant Greeks to become acquainted with Greece at a young age and gain stronger ties with the country of their forefathers;

To enable the global promotion of modern Greece within Europe and the world;

To promote tourism in Greece by attracting, along with the athletes and the Greeks of the Diaspora, nationals from overseas countries;
To promote cooperation in various areas on an international level.